Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure

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Yancheng Vocational Institute Of Industry Technology

Ведущие университеты и институты Украины приняли участие в международном форуме сотрудничества в области инноваций и технологий

Luo Wenhua, Jiang Shuying Study on the Simulation of Thermal-Structure Coupling on Retarding Disk and Analysis of Brake Component Model

Li Tianjing, Lu Congxiang, Zhou Pengfei, Wang Yao, Shi Qingle, Zhang Xinjiang Preparation and characterization of Cu-5%Ni-xC (x = 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%) composite materials

Wang Chao Design and Modeling of a New Type of the NX-based 6-Roller Sugarcane Juicer

Hu Yucai, Ben Nengjun Research on Core Technical Transformation of Crankshaft Production Line for Marine Internal Combustion Engine

Gu Qi, Su Hong-ling, Li Ming-liang, Hui Wei-dong Research on the Surface Quality Evaluation of Racing Car Deflector with Highlight Line Analysis in Assembly Environment

Nengjun Ben, Pengfei Zhou, Guojun Yan, Wenping Liang Mechanical and Tribological Performance of TC4 Alloy with Surface Plasma Molybdenization

Yan Guojun, Gu Jianhua, Ben Nengjun, Wang Lili Research and Application of the Adaptive Agricultural Machinery Path Tracing Method Based on BP Neural Network

Dong Rongwei Remote Monitoring System of pHDetection Based on SI4432

Sun Lixiang, Shan Xiuwen Optimization of Control Algorithm for BLDCM in the Ship

Zhang Xiao-wei An Adaptive Mechanism of TFRC for Streaming Media Service’s Transmission in Wireless Network

Yingxing Wang, Yuanyuan Li, Chunxiang Huang Design and Analysis of Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet Dual-Mechanical Port Motor for Offshore Ships

Yurii N. Korobanov, Anatolii I. Kuznetsov, Alla A. Korobanova Designs That Can Affect the Stability of Some Small and High-Speed Vessels

Anatolii V. Derepa, Oleksandr H. Leiko Analytical Studies of the Physical Fields of Hydroacoustic Stations with Linear Long-Length Towed Arrays Near the Sea Surface

Kostiantyn S. Trunin Testing of a Computer Program for the Dynamics of the Model of a Marine Tethered System with Flexible Connection

Serhiy S. Ryzhkov Application of Three-Dimensional Modeling for Gradient Aerosol Technologies for Separating Ice Crankcase Gases

Oleksandr S. Ryzhkov Management of NUOS Education Quality in the “3+X” Joint Program with Zhejiang International Maritime College

Anatolii V. Nadtochіi Planning the content management of the project of deep-water archaeological studies

Volodymyr S. Blintsov, Maksym H. Hrytsaienko Special features of management of the joint projects of water zone clearing by subdivisions of the state emergency service of ukraine and organizations developing the means of marine robotics

Marina B. Solesvik Open Innovation In Maritime Industry

Volodymyr N. Parsyak, Kateryna V. Parsyak Economic Resources of the World Ocean