Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure

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Yancheng Vocational Institute Of Industry Technology

Yao Yueqin Design of multi-parameter water quality detection system based on atmega128

Yao Yueqin, Zhao Guoliang Design of the fuzzy methane concentration control system based on FPGA

Kong Yang Design and optimization of a novel RFIDTAG antenna

Jianhua Gu, Nengjun Ben, Guojun Yan Design of data acquisition system based on LABVIEW

Chen Jie Design of teds of intelligent sensor based on IEEE1451.2 Standard

Lili Wang, Chunxiang Huang, Wen Jing, Lixiang Sun Dynamic data reconciliation based on robust estimation and particle filters

Guojun Yan, Xiuwen Shan, Nengjun Ben, Jianhua Gu Analysis of the influence of power factor angle parameters on resonance in pure electric tractors

Yao Yueqin, Zhao Guoliang Automatic PID parameter tuning based on unfalsified control

Chunxiang Huang, Hao Zheng, Yingxing Wang, Lili Wang Heat pump fault diagnosis based on genetic BP neural network

Wang Yijun Rigidity test and analysis of blade carrier for nc guillotine plate shearing machine

Huang Mingxin Study on the method of adhesive parts particle counting based on halcon

Li Tian-jing, Zhou Peng-fei Study on wear and corrosion of the hvaf sprayed NiCr-Cr3C2 coating after annealing

Shan Xiuwen, Sun Lixiang, Pu Yi, Xu Chuncheng Analysis of ship deformation under sailing

Hennadii V. Pavlov, Andrii V. Obrubov, Mykhailo V. Pokrovskyi, Iryna L. Vinnychenko Electromagnetic processes in the power seсtion of the series-to-series resonant converter for contactless inductive energy transfer

Oleksiy V. Kozlov, Oleksandr S. Gerasin, Galyna V. Kondratenko Complex of tasks for monitoring and automatic control of mobile robots for vertical movement

Mykhailo S. Samokhin Influence of the structure of high-temperature alloy castings on their crackability at welding and surfacing

Volodymyr O. Lebediev Optimization of the process of arc welding (surfacing) based on the new designed mechanism of pulse wire feeding

Mykhaylo Tkach, Borys Tymoshevskyy, Halynkin Yurii, Proskurin Arkadіі General concept of the autonomous hydrogen fuelling station based on photovoltaic and metal-hydride technologies for fuel cell electric vehicles

Kostiantyn S. Trunin Spatial non-stationary movement of a marine tethered system at maneuvering

Serhiy S. Ryzhkov Development of ship systems for air purification from droplet moisture

Olexander S. Ryzhkov Modernization of the universal computing program according to the method of improvement of the calculation procedure for the quantitative assessment of the quality of training provided in international programs

Maksym H. Hrytsaienko Management of the projects of humanitarian demining of Ukraine’s water areas: the problems of forming organizational structures

Anatolii V. Nadtochіi Classification of deep-water archaeological projects using marine robotic vehicles

Vladymir N. Parsyak Types of maritime economic activities

Vladymir N. Parsyak, Marina B. Solesvik Rental relations in maritime economic activities