Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure is practical, popular scientific journal which was found in 2014 by Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Academy of Shipbuilding Sciences of Ukraine, International Academy of Marine Sciences, Technology and Innovation.

ISSN 2409-3858 (Print), ІSSN 2519-1845 (Online)

Frequency: biannually

Certificate of state registration of the print media КВ № 20886-10686 Р dated 12.08.2014

It is added to the List of Ukrainian scientific publications in the sphere of technical sciences in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 528 dated 12.05.2015 (Annex 10).

 “Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure” publishes scientific and theoretical (analytical), scientific and practical (empirical and research) and review papers which touch upon the following focus areas:

  • Social and behavioural sciences (Speciality 051 Economics);
  • Management and administration (Speciality 073 Management);
  • Information technology (Speciality 122 Computer sciences and information technology);
  • Mechanical engineering (Speciality 135 Shipbuilding; 132 Materials science; 131 Applied mechanics);
  • Electrical engineering (Speciality 141 Power engineering, electrical technology and electromechanics; 142. Power engineering; 144. Heat power engineering);
  • Automation and tool engineering (Speciality 151 Automation and computer-integrated technology);
  • Manufacture and technologies (Speciality 183 Environmental protection technology);
  • History of shipbuilding (papers covering this area are not considered as professional)

 Subject matter of a paper has to concern the issues related to shipbuilding and marine infrastructure.

Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian.

Chief Editor: Trushliakov Ye.I., PhD in Technical Sciences, Professor, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding