Shipbuilding & marine infrastructure

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Julia S. Bodnarchuk Reducing poorly streamlined body water resistance by using active boundary layer control devices

Ivan V. Simutenkov, Stanislav V. Drahan Designing of thin sheet plating ship constructions from aluminum alloys with minimization of local welding deformations

Kostyantyn S. Trunin The three-dimensional motion of marine tethered system at example buoy of neutral floating

Yuriy G. Kravchenko, Sergiy T. Patsera The values of the parametres of the abrasive relief of the cutting surface of the abrasive wheels

Vladymyr A. Lebediev, Hennadii V. Zhuk, Denis N. Krazhanovsky Advanced developments for wet underwater mechanized and automatic arc welding

Tetiana V. Smirnova, Oleksandr M. Drieiev, Oleksii A. Smirnov, Yevhenii K. Solovykh Methods of optimization of technological processes of restoration of steel coverings

Oleksandr. S. Mytrofanov Mathematical model of the operating cycle of a rotor-piston engine

Oleksandr S. Bortsov, Anatoliy P. Shevtsov Improving the contact gas of steam-turbine installations of objects of marine infrastructure

Aloba Leo Tosin Synthesis of intelligent automatic control system of an autonomous underwater vehicle as a group agent

Oleksandr V. Blintsov, Viktor I. Korytskyi Design of automatic control system of spatial motion of a remotely operated underwater vehicle under uncertainty conditions

Oleksandr P. Klochkov The project tasks of single link self-propelled tethered underwater systems energy supply

Andrii P. Ben, Ihor V. Palamarchuk Assessment of the navigation situation in the decision support system for navigator

Maksym V. Kopytovskiy, Valerii H. Pavlov High-availability cluster on the basis of applications servers “GlassFish”

Artem V. Krylov, Yuliia S. Yamnenko Solution of the transport problem by artificial intelligence for maritime transport

Aleksandr P. Voinov, Victor S. Samohvalov, Dmytro V. Konovalov, Victoria S. Kornienko Structure of the power engineering fuel balance in the Ukraine’ shipbuilding and marine infrastructure